Find a facilities management supplier

Use this service to:

  • quickly view suppliers who can provide services to your locations
  • see an estimated contract cost
  • create and offer a direct award contract
  • shortlist suppliers ready for further competition
  • compliantly place a contract with a supplier

Before you start

You need to know:

  • what services you are looking for
  • your building locations and information
  • your basic contract requirements
Start now

How it works

You can progress through these three steps:

1. Quick search

You will tell us

  • which services you are looking for
  • building locations and information

We will tell you

  • which suppliers can meet your needs
2. Detailed search

You will tell us

  • about your buildings and service requirements
  • basic contract information

We will tell you

  • which sub-lot is suitable
  • an estimated contract cost
  • a shortlist of suppliers
  • procurement options to proceed
3. Procurement options

Direct award (if option is available)

  • create your contract online, and offer to the cheapest supplier
  • the quickest, simplest way to procure FM services

Further competition

  • download your supplier shortlist and requirement documents

then offine:

  • use our templates to create a bid pack offline
  • invite shortlisted suppliers to bid for your contract
  • evaluate supplier responses and pricing
  • award your contract

International coverage

Please contact us for overseas services - email/phone details below.